Sunday, October 9, 2011

Homemade Deep Conditioner [5]

LOL. Yes, I'm back with another...I can't help it!!! I'm a mixologist & my hair loves me for doing these deep conditioners.  Anywho, I did a review on the coconut oil I used in this concoction HERE on my beauty blog GlamNoLabelz. I know a few were anticipating this. You can check out my last Update post where I've combined all of the homemade DC posts I've done HERE

Now for the recipe of my Avocado Deep Conditioner:
EVOO, Tropical Traditions CoConut, Grape seed oil, Proclaim natural 7 oil, honey & a Avocado

The Coconut oil in it's liquid stages

This is what the Avocado looks like after I scraped all of the inside out...

This is what it looks like as I'm blending it in the blender
(The best way to get it smooth & where you're able to apply it to your hair)

[bad photo...sorry]
This is what it looks like after its been blended to my liking....

I just applied it to my hair like you would with any other store bought deep conditioner. I ran my fingers through my hair & massage it into my hair as well to really get it throughout my hair...
Apply a plastic shower cap on & work around the house or chill.

2-3 hours later I washed it out with cool water (Probably for 5mins).
Results: It really made my hair feel refreshing. My curls were extra tight *bitter-sweet*, but most importantly it felt great!


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