Friday, September 14, 2012

Working On My Fitness: Counting Calories?

This will be short & straight to the point. 
Maybe a few weeks before I went back to work, I was counting my calories...How you ask?
With the app on iPhone My Fitness Pal
where you can check in via laptop or phone through an app.
This app will help you count your calories & meet a certain weight goal by doing so...
I've fallen off because I'm not big on counting calories & punching in & finding out what everything is etc....
It may work for you...check it out

Check out previous work outs I did below...
(work out videos via Youtube)
(work out videos via Youtube)


  1. this app was a key point in my losing weight. I only had 1200 calorie intake, no fair! lol :(

    1. Lol, it's probably because of the height & weight difference lol. But I'm happy to hear you lost weight from using it. I fell off...

  2. Oh I love this app!

    I'm going to add you right now girl! I'm Dasiyworkitout on there.

    Support is key



    1. Ohhhhh Daisy...I'm going to need motivation to get back to using that thing lol


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