Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Hair Regimen: NO To Breakage...

So0o0 my hair has me on punishment. All that careless care with my hair has caught up with me. I can't help but laugh & shake my head. Its nothing new when I say I dont really like my natural hair. The texture is fine. It's just the detangling process that get's on my nerves. And of course that's the MOST important part unfortunately. And I didn't have the patience to really give it the proper TLC when it comes to detangling. Taking the proper steps before washing it, after it's washed etc. I do well with keeping my hair clean, moisturized, styled & everything else except stupid detangling.

So I've done some research to see what I could use & how to take another route when it comes to this situation.

New regimen:

-finger comb hair
-pre-poo before washing hair
-don't use a Denman brush to detangle (only when doing wash n go's to define curls, which I don't do)
-use coconut oil (when taking down braids when hair is dry for easier take down.

How I knew I had breakage: 

When I straightened the front part of my hair last weekend I noticed I had way too many fly aways (the hair wasn't even or laying down, different lengths). I was so0o0oo0 mad. This had to happen recently because I've been straighening my hair for the past few months. I know I don't do a great job detangling but it wasn't THIS BAD before!

If you have any other questions regarding anything in this post, just leave a comment below & I'll answer it as soon as I can...welp, about to go work on my head :(

Ps. there's a BIG difference between breakage & shedding. They are not the same folks.
And no my hair breakage isn't from heat, or heat damage....

**If you're interested in the products & a break down of my new hair regimen, stay tuned for my next hair post this week**


  1. wishing you the best on your journey. try carols daughter monoi products they are supposed to reduce breakage :)

    1. Thank you for the suggestion, I'll check that out


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