Saturday, September 29, 2012

Joyce Meyer: Speak God's Word to the Mountain

When Jesus said that we are to speak to the mountain, commanding it to be lifted up & thrown into the sea, He was making a radical statement.

See, we usually talk about the "mountains," or challenges, in our lives, but God's Word instructs us to talk to them. And when we do, we must respond to them with the Word of God.

In Luke 4, when Satan was trying to tempt Jesus in the wilderness, the Lord responded to every trial by speaking Scripture. He repeatedly quoted verses that met the lies & deceptions of the devil head-on.

We have a tendency to try this for awhile, but when we do not see quick results, we stop speaking the Word to our problems & begin once again to speak our feelings. Persistence is a vital link to obtaining victory.

Constantly speaking the Word is powerful & absolutely necessary in overcoming any problem or negative situation. Know what you believe & be determined to stick with it to the end.


  1. Great post Ashley! I have to constantly remind myself that things don't always happen overnight! Speaking the word and reading the word definitly helps me.

    -Nicole Alicia

    1. It really does. You're welcome. Thank you for checking my post out :)


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