Monday, September 24, 2012

My Walk With Christ... Practicing Repenting.

A lot of don't think of this step when pursuing a relationship with God. But it's an important one. We must repent the things we once did. What things you may ask? Drinking, cursing, cheating, lying, stealing, masturbation etc. Repenting your sins doesn't mean "Oh, I'll repent my sins today, & if I slip up, I can always comes back to the Lord & repent again." You must NOT follow back into those ways.

Think: Think about the many blessings you may have missed out on? What goodness you got out of that sin?

When we repent to God we must do so & leave it in the past, but most importantly forgive yourself for it. Don't hold on to it. It's in the past. Lying, misleading, fear, infidelity, drinking etc. Finally make the decision that will turn your life around & show God that you're ready. He's usually always waiting on us to get out of our own way most of the time. I believe that what I've repent is in the past & I will not go back to my old ways. We tend blame our flesh which is most of it, but we must take the responsibility as well.
Don't believe what others may tell you...
"Why are you trying to turn your life around, you're too old"
"You've done too much dirt to want to act right"
"He won't forgive you!"
They are a lie. The devil is a lie!
He comes in many forms folks...don't fall for it

- Acts 3:19

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