Saturday, April 30, 2011

Intro: 2011 Healthy Hair Challenge

This challenge originally started in Jan of this year by The MopTop Maven. In Feb. she posted that she was sick, and she would start posting once she was feeling better. I haven't seen a new post since then, and I hope that she's doing okay. I know some have continued the journey without MopTop Maven's guidance. Either way, she posted tips on how to have a steady hair regimen for the course of six months & other helpful tips.

[Picture] The MopTop Maven: My hair inspiration.

So, like I stated in a past post, I'll be starting this challenge May 6th, which is a Friday. I'll be mapping out my hair regimen for the month (as it may change each month depending on the stage my hair is in). I'll also be video tapping my journey (won't be posting that, def. camera as a way of be documenting the changes my hair may goes through. And the products I will be using.

This challenge is not only going to help me have a steady regimen, and healthy hair, but to retain and accomplish hair growth. My hair is down to my shoulders right now (I've been trimming since Jan, every month/every other week). I'm transitioning so, my hair has more than 2 two different textures going on. I do plan on cutting off MOST of my relaxed hair the day I start the challenge so I can start fresh & see where it leads me. I hope to achieve between shoulder length-bra strap length. As I will be cutting the relaxed ends off, my hair will be shorter, so that is why I say shoulder length.

I wanted to share this because I'm looking for a buddy along this journey who may want to do this as well, or inspire someone to want to take better care of their hair. As MopTop Maven said, you could be relaxed and still want to retain healthy hair, so you're more than welcome.

I'm not very well educated when it comes to natural hair, I'm learning MY hair as I go. So yea, I'm no expert. May 6th, I will be more specific on what type of texture my hair is, some of the products I will be using in a blog post.

I'll also be incorporating different articles, blog posts, YouTube videos that maybe helpful along the way as well. So if you're interested leave a comment, even if you're not & you just want to share, speak on something that's fine also.

I will be ending my journey with this challenge Nov. 6th. after that I will be using what works for my hair & keep my regimen simple. Because it really doesn't have to be difficult in order to reach these goals.

Two helpful posts to start the journey from The Moptop Maven:

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  1. Love this! I can't wait to see the "reveal"!! Kiah

  2. Good luck! I love MTM's blog as well. Looking forward to the updates of ur journey.

    A Girl's Next Best Friend

  3. Hope it works for you also want to challenge myself to get healthier hair.

  4. Thanks ladies!
    @Abigail you def. should look into it.

  5. I really miss her blog. I pray she gets better. Good luck on your challenge:)

  6. @Retromus Me too! Thank you. It's going well so far.


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