Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Down Time: Me Time

The other morning I was meditating from the foot of my bed. Took time out to have a constructive, and detailed conversation with God. It felt so good. I was able to be so honest with myself. There were layered issues I was dealing with unconsciously. 


Different things have been sticking out to me & I would overlook them. I've been noticing others talk about it (Stuff that's been on my mind lately) and all I could think is that this is a sign. I may feel lonely and very vulnerable right now, but God is working on me. He's peeling back layers that I wasn't able to deal with the past 6+ years. This down time that has me in and out of a zone is a time where I need to use it on getting to know ME, make the necessary changes, and love myself all over again.

I wouldn't have been able to confront myself months ago about this...If I knew what I know now.... But, I can't keep fighting what I'm going through. I can't run from God. He will want me to deal with whatever he wants me to face..."You can't run from your problems". That is a true statement indeed. 

So, during this down time, I will be using it to allow myself to be more comfortable in my skin and what is handed to me. Nothing or no one is perfect. I do strive for excellence, and when I lack in different areas I really do beat myself up about it.

At the end of the day, I'm glad I believe in God who died on the cross for MY sins. Because without him, I don't know where I would be.

I'll take this time to reflect on my blessings, be able to trust the opposite sex, secretly forgive HIM, and other things. Just keep me in your prayers....

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