Sunday, April 24, 2011

Controversial with no chaser.

Everything that will be posted below is from my mini-rant I had on my personal twitter account. What triggered it? A girlfriend. Or as I should say ex girlfriend of a known college basketball player. She was on a mini-rant via twitter about love, relationship etc. So, it had be revisit my feelings on a situation (women who date/d fraternity guys). There's a lot that comes with the territory if he's an undergrad in college & some don't grow out of that college life & what comes with it. Anyways in quotations is what I tweeted.
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"It amazes me how male athletes, entertainers, baller$, frat guys will let a good woman slip away."
"Everyone sees it but them (the hims). She doesn't want you for your money, letters, but for you!"
"I don't get it."
"We ain't perfect. But dealing with you & the groupies is a task. Oh well..."
"Not to say their not good (boyfriends). Because obviously that's the case (Since we dated them). But the ending results. Yea."

-someone chimes in-
"RT me: Everyone sees it but them (the hims). She doesn't want you for your money, letters, but for you! (One of my followers says): yes girl...say it"

"A certain associate of a college known ball player sparked my rant. We get looked at as the "bad guys" when we hurt from the aftermath."
"You don't know our situation so have a seat. & to the homewreckers. Good luck. Because not everybody is nice ::shrug:: lol"
"I know chicks from all categories I mentioned that had been holding their man down for 4+ yrs."
"I'm so lowkey when it comes to my personal/love life. No one knew who I was dating. All you needed to know was that he treated me well.."
"Loved me for me & supported me in all shapes & forms."

-There was a gentlemen who was Greek (fraternity) that would chime in & give his opinion, that led to responses like...
"Like I've said before. No one knows but those in the situation. An explanation does little justice"


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