Friday, April 8, 2011

Old Post: My Top 5 Things I Miss About College

1. Free gym membership- With me doing this fitness challenge and trying to stay fit and active 5-6 days out of the week, I never would have guessed that I would miss the gym the way I do. And not only that, the perks of being a student & living on campus is being able to go to the gym anytime and for free. That gym had all of my faves (elliptical, treadmill, bikes, and the lovely sauna).

2. Free food- Yes! Free food. Anything from nachos, pizza, energy drinks, and candy. Although that would defeat my purpose to a healthier lifestyle but I do miss oh so much. You can't beat free food.

3. Events- Everything from Apollo Nights, Open Mic sessions, Gospel events, Greek parties, and different guest speakers. I won't forget the day that Angela Davis (look her up) came to speak at my school. A true activist indeed. Love her.

4. Random Conversations With Roommates- Sigh, I miss my roommates. We would have random convos about  guys, school work, any and everything. All it took was one of us coming out of our room to take a break from studying and sit in the living for 5mins and another would come out of their room to see what's going on. 10mins later all three of us would be in the living room having a 1-2hr conversation. Lol, it never failed. Their company is what I miss the most.

5. Office Hours- Lastly, office hours with some of my favorite professors/counselors. I started a great bond with my professors and counselors my Freshmen year in college. I wasn't afraid to go visit them, and ask questions. If I didn't ask about something, then I wouldn't know the answer to the question. At times I would just drop by to have a brief conversation with them. I may not have been known on my campus, but if I needed a letter of recommendation letter from one of them, I would have one without a doubt. Those are the type of relationships you want to build while you're in college. Network and build relationships.

Since I've been transitioning from college life to reality, it's been interesting and a bit laid back (something I'm not use to). I miss the little things that comes with being an undergraduate (lets be clear on that) lol. Graduate school is a whole other ball game. And speaking of graduate school, I'm still undecided if, when, and what I want to go to school for. I have an idea but not really sure. Anywho, take care!

I would love to hear what you think below....

Dates: 1/29/11

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