Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sophia Angeli Nelson: Be blessed & Be Resilient!

7 Keys to Living Resilient: Courage, Humility, Faith, Communication (ask 4 help), Focus, Self Love, and Patience. #SaturdayLove

Resilience means facing life’s difficulties with courage and patience – refusing to give up. #SaturdayLove

A resilient man or woman is one who has learned life lessons in the valley and now stands on a mountaintop-wiser-better! #SaturdayLove

STOP-PAUSE-REFLECT. So to be Resilient is to be able to endure being stretched, bent, hurt & yet COME back with POWER! #SaturdayLove

I am personally committed NOT 2 dwell in the depths of disappointments, losses, or setbacks. I am a RESILIENT woman of POWER! #SaturdayLove

What we give our attention to stays with us. What we let go of, will let go of us. #LetItGo #BeTheLight #BeResilient #SaturdayLove
Resilience is tenacity of spirit, a determination 2 embrace all that makes life worth living even against overwhelming odds!#SaturdayLove

Resilience is the ability 2 work w/ adversity in such a way that 1 comes through it unharmed or even better for the experience#SaturdayLove

What we give our attention to stays with us. What we let go of, will let go of us. #LetItGo #BeResilient#SaturdayLove

Thought of the Day: “Stop searching the world for treasure, the real treasure is in yourself.” #SaturdayLove

10. Lastly, living resilient encourages others, inspires others, endures with others, and lifts others. You can BOUNCE back! #SaturdayLove

9. Living Resilient requires self love & courage beyond your natural ability. You will need a spiritual strength 2 keep going.

8. Living Resilient means I have my life priorities straight & let no-one or no thing DISTRACT me from it. Purpose focused. #SaturdayLove

7. Living Resilient means I'm more like the Tortoise and not the Hare. I pace myself. I am patient. I stay focused on my goal. #SaturdayLove

6. Living Resilient means that I humble myself to my GOD, my needs, my wellness. I can't get out of a pit without strength. #SaturdayLove

5. Living Resilient means I take care of ME first. My oxygen mask must be firmly fit so I can breathe before helping others.#SaturdayLove

4. Living Resilient means being willing to face the woman/man in the mirror with honesty. I have to OWN my part in the mess.#SaturdayLove

3. Living Resilient requires that I not give into petty people, things or distractions. They pull me into pits of mud & mire. #SaturdayLove

2. Living Resilient requires you to have a positive & prayerful support inner circle #LoveCouncil that is 100% for YOU! #SaturdayLove

1. Being resilient means you have REFOCUS your VISION. #SaturdayLove

Let's break this down in to 10 principles of living a resilient life: 1. Being resilient means you have REFOCUS your VISION.#SaturdayLove

I think the reason we all love the Psalms so much is because they help us to heal. They call us to be resilient & courageous.#SaturdayLove

To be resilient is to be VICTORIOUS over tragedy, pain, hurt, loss, illness and the attacks of the enemy. It means you win!#SaturdayLove

So how does resilience look? A resilient person is a healed, transformed, and transparent person. Don't miss this. #SaturdayLove

Your greatest life lessons, & growth come from the valley. But there comes a time to live Resilient & walk out the valley. #SaturdayLove

Part of living folks is to have drama, loss, setbacks, suffer betrayal or worse. BUT Resilence says-I am okay-I am better. #SaturdayLove

This morning I want all of us all to STOP & focus on what is RIGHT in our lives. It's time to get out of the pit & depression #SaturdayLove

My Nana used to say that we should be kind to every person we meet because we are ALL fighting some kind of private battle.#SaturdayLove

First let me start off with Thanksgiving to the Lord 4 a new day of life. I am blessed despite my mess. As are we all. #SaturdayLove


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