Thursday, July 26, 2012

Homemade Deep Conditioner [6]

I'm back on my DIY homemade deep conditioners!!!!
The items I used:
- Plain Dani greek yogurt
- A half of an avocado (remove the pit/seed)
I tried to mix it well to get some of the chunks out without using my blender or mixer
Either way it turned out great!

I applied it to my clean hair, put a plastic cap on, got under the dryer for 45mins
& let me tell you, my hair was stiff, which I found out, avocados do have protein in them.
So, if your hair doesn't like protein treatments I would substitute the avocado for something else.

Overall this DC mask made my hair bounce back & more lively.
The protein of the avocado made a difference (strength wise).
The oils added shine & made my hair soft

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Share your favorite DC product (store bought) or homemade below in the comment section

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