Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Joyce Meyer: God Is the Only Lasting Source

As human beings we are created by God to be happy & to feel good about ourselves. As a matter of fact, we must feel good about ourselves, or eventually we will develop some sort of unhealthy, uncontrolled behavior to get the good feelings we crave.

Think about it. A person who is addicted to drugs probably began using them because his pain was so intense he felt compelled to get rid of it, even if only temporarily. The same thing is true of drinking, or using food as comfort. If we do not get good feelings from the inside, then we attempt to create them through outside means.

 God created us that way & He's the only one who can satisfy us. When we go to something other than God to make us feel good about ourselves, we're really just replacing something real with a cheap substitute.

Whatever your emotional needs are today, know that only God can meet them. He is the only lasting source of life. Go to Him today, He's the only One who can satisfy.

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