Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time To Reflect....2011/2012 Goals

This post was intended on being posted before 2012 came around...It was left in my draft's....No bueno.

So I was reading my blogger friends Rose from Rosedale's post regarding a bucket list. She basically refocused on a few things she wants to get done before we approach the new year & what she's already done. I thought it be great to reflect back on some of my goals.

-Starting my career: Although I was pushing & still am, for a full time job, I'm thankful for the position I have now. Especially the organization I work for. They are awesome & it'll look great on my resume :)
I'm would love to start doing something that I have passion for & can't live a day without.

-Get my mentoring program going: Mentoring Young Girls is somewhat official. More official than what it was in January 2011 when I started it all by myself. We're currently working on workshops, a giveaway for young girls on our Facebook (if any small businesses would like to help/donate please email us at We're also looking forward to having a mother daughter event as well.

-God: I've had more time to think & made more time to connect with Him. Although I'm not as close I want to be, I'm working at it :)

-Moving: I've been talking about moving out of state ever since I was in college & more so lately. I'm ready for a different atmosphere. I love Cali but I wouldn't mind being in another state. I always thought I would be living in ATL...but the wind has blown me in a new direction. I'll share that once it's official. 

-Scholarship: In June I raised money for a scholarship I started under my programs name (MY Girls aka Mentoring Young Girls) for the AVID students at my alma mater (HS).

-Business: I've been looking into branching off & starting my own business in something fashion related. I've always wanted to own my own business since Middle School, so I may just pursue that very soon.


  1. you can do whatever you put your mind too and by the looks of things you are well on your way :), maybe i should do this also make a bucket list


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