Friday, February 24, 2012

Natural Hair: Heat Training

As some of you may know, I've been on my natural hair journey for a year & two months now. I started out not knowing what to really expect during my transition, and eager to see how my natural texture was. Welp, after transition for a few months, I did a BC (big chop) on my hair in May 2011, and my hair has grown out a lot since then. I didn't think it would happen. Dealing with short hair is NOT my thing. I am a natural chick aiming for LONG healthy hair.

You maybe thinking..."healthy hair & heat training? That doesn't go together" Well it does, just like colored treated hair. I know of quit a few natural hair ladies that have big, beautiful healthy natural COLORED treated hair. I don't see anything different with them & ladies that heat train their hair. Just like ladies who relax their hair. Some of them have LONG healthy hair. Whatever works for you boo!

Won't that mess with your natural curl.kinky pattern? Yes. I have really, CURLY, coarse, & kinky hair (click link for photo). I love the results I am getting from being natural (thickness, growth), plus it allows me to be more hands on with my hair & take care of it how the way that I should have been when I was in school (college), and when I was younger (high school) & didn't know any better. That's beside the point.

The way that I will be heat training my hair is by using a blow dryer & flat iron or blow dryer & pressing comb. How often, new regimen is MUCH needed for this new change. I'll more than likely go into MORE details in another post.

Why are you heat training your hair? Because it's really difficult to detangle my hair now that my curl pattern has made it's way into my life a year & some months now. I don't ever plan on wearing my natural curl pattern & if I do, I rather let them be loose then tight. My hair has really bad skrinkage that I hate. People say embrace every part of being natural but I don't like it & I will NOT embrace that part about it. That's just how I feel. There's no right or wrong way. It's my hair right?

-Next few posts I plan on speaking on the Bigen permanent hair color I applied in my hair Nov 2011 *Once my healthy hair challenge was over*
-Products I've been using lately
-Length check *photos :)


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