Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Work Out Update: Operation Get BACK In Shape!

Yesssss, I'm back. I thought I update my blog discussing my journey. I've been keeping track in my journal for when I work out & what I eat the days I work out, & also for how long etc. 

So far I've lost 6lbs, but I'm sure I've gained that back because I stopped working out for 2wks. Week 1 I was lazy, the 2nd week the cycle came, so0o0o0 yea ladies you know during that time you don't feel like doing much. Especially if you get major cramps like myself.

I started this journey Jan. 2nd, and I've been weighing in once a month. The first month I weighed myself twice. So now, I plan on weighing in on the 25th of each month. It gives me time to lose some of the uncontrollable water body weight & go HARD!

Like I said, I've loss 6lbs, and plan on losing more. 
Changes: I've cut back on some of the fatty foods...keyword cut back. You don't necessarily have to take away your favorite foods, portions and moderation is key.
-I've been eating Subway a lot more. That means less of other foods I was eating. Eating more veggies, a tad bit more water. I've always drank water. & also taking my vitamins (B12 & MultiVites gummies)! Those have been helpful.

Work out plan: I've been running for 20+ minutes nonstop on the days I don't work out with Jillian. I rather do something then nothing at all. I do feel/see the results when using Jillians DVD. I'm also trying to up my time when running. Monday (yesterday) I ran for 20mins, today as you can see the time/picture above, I ran for 25mins.

It's better to start off slow, and not psych yourself out or set yourself up for failure.

That's about it!
Although I've had setbacks, I don't allow that to stop me. This is not some popular resolution for me, it's a goal leading into a healthier lifestyle.


  1. The multivites products have a lot of benefits :) Gorgeous post opinion dear! And you've got a gorgeous blog too!!!

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    Estefanía J. ABSOstyle

  2. Good luck :) I've been trying to workout and eat healthier too. It's so hard, but it feels good.

  3. I was hoping they did, seeing as they're really tasty didn't know it they were useful lol @Estefania

    It is difficult @Adrianna I wish you all the luck :)


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