Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heat Training...April Hair Routine

When I started heat training was Feb. 17th the day before my birthday....

At that time, I had planned on washing (shampooing) my hair once/twice a month, but co-wash as needed. I started off slow. Since most of my shampoos have sulfates in them & really cleanse the hair, I don't need wash it every week. What I do need is moisture & TLC to my hair.

Currently doing...

So this month (April) & what I've been doing since March is washing my hair once a month, but co-washing it every week. This week I'll be straightening my hair again. Last weekend I straighten my hair twice for Easter Sunday & that was it. I may blog about the process of me heat training. Nothing different than any other time. Just extra steps to make sure I don't cause any breakage.

April Routine...

So this months routine consist of 1 wash (which I did last weekend), co-wash each week, & straighten my hair every other week. & the days I don't wear it straight I'll add moisture, conditioner (mix) & Shea butter mixture I made. OMG I forgot to mention I finally got my hands on some unrefined Shea butter. Yessssssssssssss BABY!

Any who, whole reason for switching off weeks of straightening my hair is to loosen my curls, & allow the detangling process to be much more pleasant. Detangling is a VERY important part in a curly girls life like me. I have coarse hair which means easy breakage & it's harder to retain the length. And it's a headache 99.9% of the time. I've found that I need to start trimming my hair once a month or as needed (More often).

Although I have been slacking on my hair since Nov. when my hair challenge ended & I added some hair color to my hair, I am back to my length I started with before doing the BC in May 2011.

Video...right on time!

Check out the video below of one of my favorite Youtubers AlexandraBond who went to a salon in ATL. This is another salon I'd like to check out when I go there.
I like the stylists "Elecia's" technique/routine with "her hair"...similar to mine. 
You can fast fwd to the part I'm referring--> 6:50 where she explains how hydrating is important for curly/straight hair or watch the whole video


  1. How does your heat trained texture look like?

    1. It looks like my natural hair. When I see that I've used too much heat, I'll do a protein treatment on my hair the next time I need to wash my hair.


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