Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where I'm At Now...

I started working out Sunday afternoon. I said I was going to get back to shredding "Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred", but I've had a change of heart with that work out DVD right now. I'm still working out with Jillian, but I'm now working out to her Banish Fat Boost Metabolism work out DVD. It says you could "Lose up to 5 pounds a week", of course if you're working out to it often!

Although where I work I do a lot of walking, I find cardio helps me lose weight  & it's more fun for me, so this DVD will come in handy. I like doing aerobics, so on my LAZY days I plan on doing my own personal dance aerobics for 10+ minutes. I tend to be too tired to want to work out on the days I work Mon-Fri. So on the weekends I plan on working out with Jillian twice a day IF possible.

The DVD is 57mins long & has 8-7 circuits. As you can tell above, I purchased it for $5 at Big Lots...Each circuit is 5-6mins long. So it really gives you the option to stop & pick back up from the circuit you left on. Love it! As I stated before I plan on doing this DVD only on the weekends/or certain weekdays that I feel I can do this, otherwise I'll be working out/stretching 10+ minutes a day. I need to get something in each day.


  1. Good luck girl! You can do it...

  2. good luck, i'm trying to drop weight now and whew boy *wipes forehead*

  3. GIRL this is great! Congrats to you and keep with it! =] I love how you are keeping us updated on this and showing girls that not only can it be affordable but it can also be timely!! I love that! Great purchase! I get my vids from Ross for about the same price and I feel like I get every pennies worth when I keep with it! Best of wishes! Team Ashley!

  4. My sister loves Jillian!


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