Sunday, January 15, 2012

Product Review: Bigen Hair Color

Product: Bigen Permanent Hair Color
Purchased from: Sally Beauty Supply
Price: $6.49 plus tax
Size: 0.21 Oz.
Color: #59 in Oriental Black

About the  product: It's Ammonia free, no Hydrogen Peroxide required! Awesome right? It's a permanent powder hair color. 
What it comes with: 
This small bottle is what the hair color powder comes in.
I have thick hair, 2 bottles would have worked for my hair.
But since, I don't wear ALL of my hair out (Just the front) it was fine.
I did apply it all over my head as much as I could, but focused on the front part.
The clear plastic container is used as a measuring system

Mixing process: You need to use a non-metallic bowl to mix the Bigen Powder & "room temperature TAP WATER" together in. 1)Pour the powder in bowl first, then the tap water, & mix.
Views/opinions: I don't think I'll use any other brand for awhile when it comes to permanent hair color. When it's time for a touch up, I'll be using a rinse out just because it wont be as harsh & no need to apply permanent hair color to my hair AGAIN (More info & reason why in another post). I did notice Walmart has this hair color as well for $4 something. But they didn't have the popular color "Oriental black" nor a big variety when I saw it. I never knew they carried it.
Overall I love this hair color, it got the job done. My hair was super black (how I wanted it). I would recommend this to anyone looking for a product that's going to do what it's suppose to do!

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