Monday, June 27, 2011

The Oxymoron...

It baffles me when guys (quit a few) approach & favor females that dress provocative, but want to turn around and call those same females a ho.

Or will date a girl that doesn't respect herself, and then talk bad about her.

I don't get you? 


  1. A guy is a guy. They'll date a girl that's known to be "loose" or a "ho", because they're easy.

    A Guy will only respect you as much as you respect yourself.

    Yes that is an oxymoron.

  2. Those are NOT men but those are BOYS!! Very immature! When I was younger guys used to approach me talking about how fine I was and everything but the minute I told them I was not interested then I was a "B" or another rude name!! The only thing I can gather is that their pride is broken so they retaliate like a child! Kiah

  3. Guys work with what they see first, the physical is very important to them. so they would tend to give more attention to girl dressed provacative.. They like to have fun but you would notice when they are looking for a girlfriend or when they stay committed to a girl for long, they chose the decent respectable ones.

  4. @Nicole I totally agree with that.

    @Kiah I hate that. I've been called that when I "politely" declined or showed no interests. Just rude!

    @Sauniya yea that is true. I've read studies about physical attraction & how that's very important to the guy (Nice body/figure) and the appearance.


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