Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Update [3] 2011 Hair Challenge-Going On Two Months

Yesterday (6/6/2011)  was the start of my second month of this hair challenge. I won't lie, after the big chop HERE I was discouraged. But my hair is making some great changes. I have been slacking on moisturizing my hair daily like I had promised. I guess I can state my goals here, but I'll post the products I've been using in another post.

So "Ashley what are your hair goals for the hair challenge?"

Hair goals:
-retain length
-shoulder length hair
-maintain my curl pattern
-Use heat once a month/every other month (To check length)
-Keep my hair moisturized

I have yet to decide if I'll be posting pictures on what my hair looks like. I don't know. 


  1. you could post pictures so we ca see the prorgession.. but then again it might take a while before we really notice :/..

  2. I'm still debating on posting pictures. I've been taking them, but their not accurate. My hair is indeed growing though :)


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