Monday, February 25, 2013

Joyce Meyer: God is Untying Your Knots One at a Time

Picture your life as a jumble of shoestrings all tied up in knots, each shoestring a different color. Each knot represents a problem, & the process of untangling those knots & straightening out those problems is going to take a bit of time & effort. It took a long time to tie all those knots, & it will take some time to straighten them all out.
In our modern, instantaneous society, we tend to jump from one thing to another, but God never gets in a hurry. He never quits or runs out of patience. He will deal with us about one particular thing, & then He will let us rest for awhile, but not too long.  Soon He will come back & begin to work on something else. He will continue until, one by one, our knots are all untied.

If it sometimes seems that you’re not making any progress, it’s because the Lord is untying your knots one at a time. Let His patience develop in you,  & sooner or later, you will see victory in your life & experience the freedom you have wanted for so long.

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