Thursday, November 22, 2012

Joyce Meyer: You Must Develop Patience

When you & I say to God, "Change me," we better know what we're saying because we are not just going to wake up different the next morning. Instead, what God is going to do is give us an opportunity, through opposition, to grow as we change.

James 1 tells us how important it is to have patience when we're changing & facing opposition. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit that only develops & grows under trial, & it's something we need. Scripture tells us that when we have it, we're perfect & entire, lacking nothing. However, there's just no way to get it without going through something to receive it.

If we really want to be victorious Christians who serve God & make a difference in the world, then we are going to have to go through some challenging things. The devil will try to scare you off, but God can see you through any challenge.

So today, choose to let God work through you, even in the face of opposition. As your patience grows & develops, you will step into a life of great victory.

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  1. Patience is one fruit of the spirit every christian needs,in their walk with God.. Even when you're believing God for a miracle,you need patience to be able to hold on and know He's on top of it.. Thanks for sharing.


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