Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Walk With Christ| Testimony

Where have I gone? Where have I been? etc etc etc...
I'd like to say that I've been busy with God. He's the center of my life. Nothing else comes before Him. I do my all to try to make Him first. He doesn't deserve to come last place anymore.

Many times, we put Him off because we know He will always be there. But what if He was like man? Stop fooling with you for the lack of communication and attention you show? I love how awesome, loving, forgiving God is. He's nothing like anything of this world!

My testimony:

After I graduated Fall 2010 with my BA. I knew I wanted to get my Master's. I just didn't know WHEN or HOW. I knew I wanted to start my mentoring program for girls. I started it in 2011, but it's still not quit where I want it to be. 

After graduating, I went through a rough breakup. Months later I was blessed with a job. Something to keep me going. I love what I do. Working with kids. A year past, I knew I wanted to do more, and I wanted more. I knew I wanted to expand my mentoring program. I knew I needed to step out on faith & add some newness in my life. 

God was allowing me to get out of my comfort zone. After I graduated I knew I would be stepping out into something I wasn't quit ready or comfortable with. I did...

September 2012 is when I started looking into getting my Master's. The next month I applied, and wrote a letter in order to get to the next step.

The last week in November is when I was accepted, then started classes days after!!! God really blew me away. I was counting on HIM and not man to work this out. I knew I wanted this degree. I knew I wanted to see if it was meant to be and not have any "what if's?" 

It seems like every sense I've been obedient, patient, and spending more time with my Father, blessings that I've been in the way of, have been pouring in. I'm just thankful that I was prepared for the blessings that were on hold for me.

I'm grateful He trusted and waiting on ME. Little ole me. I know my God has more in store for me. 

I'll have another awesome testimony to share...some know, others do not :)
-Below is my Instagram post regarding my testimony-

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  1. congrats on getting into graduate school! I haven't also noticed, when I put my focus on God blessing indeed start to pour in! He knows our needs an gives us what we want/need after we show him how appreciative we are! Thanks for sharing ans good luck with your upcoming semester/quarter!


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