Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Keep Going! Don't Lose Sight of HIM...

I wanted encourage someone out there to keep going. Whatever that means to you. Whatever you maybe going through. But never lose sigh of the Lord. 

We tend to get side track & start yearning for blessings & a breakthrough that we forget about Him. He has it ALL under control. What today looks like won't last forever.

Yesterday is in the past. Leave it there. Don't carry baggage from years ago. Forgive yourself, let go & let God. 

I myself started to get SO caught up in what God has for me next that I forgot to focus my main attention on Him. Without Him none of what I currently have would be possible...

So again, let's not get so caught up in what He's going to do & be happy for what He has done for us today. 

Have a blessed day <3


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