Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My FUN Weekend: LA Fair 2012

Headed to the fair....

The yummy part of the fair was the fried oreos :)
Super delish

I walked around & ate, walked & rides for me lol

A ZORSE! I've never seen nor heard of such thing lol

The Zebra horse

Aww the mama goat with her babies



As it says...Yummy! The icing on the cake..took my cotton candy to go.

I definitely ate a bunch of junk food that day (Sunday)
This past weekend was great.
I went to the Pow Wow last Saturday
Sunday morning went to church service & we had our 1st Annual Women's Day
I'm not in rhw choir but I was asked along with other women of the church to sing that day
Not solo! Lol
It was great stepping out my comfort zone.
Although I've been in the choir & sung in church before this time it was different...
Everything in life from my time I've been dedicated about my walk with God I've stepped out on faith...nothing better than trusting in Him...


  1. I'm happy you got out and got you some fun! The fair is always fun and the food is the best! LOL junk food or not, it makes you feel alive and like a kid again.

    Sincerely Daja

  2. Looks like fun, i can't wait to my local fair comes around again


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