Saturday, September 10, 2011

SO SO SO SO irritated!!!

There are days when I just don't want to blog anymore...I'm more so referring to my beauty blog. For quit a few reasons...
All I'm going to say is that until people reciprocate what I do back, I'm not doing it anymore...
I work hard on that blog...
Time to clean my list up...
Have a good one folks!


  1. don't quit blog just because of other people. I'm not 100% sure whats going on but don't stop what you're doing just because other people actin funny. Check out my last post - someone keeps hating on my blog so I sent them a nice lil message - I refuse to let them get to me - they become my motivation!!!

  2. Thanks girl. I seen your blog post lol.

  3. Dont let idiots make u quit what u love!! Use that hate to make urself stronger :)

  4. @Sauniya you're right. It just made me upset at the time. When I'm set in doing something I do it.


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