Saturday, September 17, 2011

5 Things-That Got Me Through The Week!

So the lovely Kimberly over at Femmes With Benefits[FWB] did a post on 7 things that got her through the week...
I'll be sharing 5 things that got me through the week....

1. God) There was some unnecessary drama I got sucked into via Facebook 0_o "Where they do that at?" It was so childish. How an innocent comment went south. Lol. I can laugh about it now, because at the time I was really upset just how it ALL played out. God got me through it & a few close friends. But I owe it to Him because he has allowed me to move on from the situation. It takes a lot for me to move from certain things..whether it was a touchy, sensitive, angry subject.
2. Medicine) Omg, I think my kids at work got me sick this week. I seen it ALL playing out in my head Monday when one of the kids at my job kept sneezing, then one girl who had been absent because she was sick, was coughing. I had to remind them to cover there mouths. And chileeeee. My allergies started acting up, The next day I got a sore throat, and now I'm coughing. All it takes is for me to have one thing wrong (earache, sore throat, allergies) before everything in my body goes CRAZY & triggers my "That sh*t cray" ::in my Kanye West voice:: lol

3. Packages) I've been waiting on 4 different packages that I either won from giveaways ( weeks, months ago) & a order I made on the E.L.F. website during their Labor Day free shipping deal. I'll be talking about that stuff on my beauty website

4. Candy) Chileeeee, I'm on this protein diet (If you haven't read about it, check it out HERE) & I didn't know how hard this mess would be. But, I can say that it has been a great challenge. I'll be posting my views on it later. And I know candy isn't any better because of ALL the sugar we consume...

5. Music) Other than God, who is first before anything else. Music really truly gets me through a lot. I's universal and we can all relate to it in some sort of way. I had to play a few Kanye, Jay Z, Rihanna & The Weeknd's songs to get me going or through this week.

Sigh, very fun post! Be my guest on posting your 5 things that got you through the week. This was fun. I may do this every so often. My life isn't that eventful so making it a routine wouldn't work lol...


  1. So glad that you got over the FB drama! Girl I hardly go on there anymore. Love your list and so long as you continue to keep that 1st one 1st everything will be alright! Hope you are well. Love your new layout! Kiah

  2. "where they do that at" is right. life is way to short for the childish stuff!!!

  3. I had an off week too. 5 things that got me through were:
    and my Faith

  4. Thanks Kiah :)
    It really is...people are a trip @Rose
    Thanks for sharing your 5 things Judy, hope this week is better :)

  5. hey, ashley! i just wanted to to say that i love your blog. so inspiring, and you're such a talented writer. i enjoyed reading through your posts and looking at the pictures. i love that your blog is a very positive one, and i'm a fan. following, and hope to visit again. cheers!

  6. Aww thank you Jasmine! I really appreciate the kind words & compliment. It means a lot to me.
    I'm not sure if you have a blog, if so leave your link. I would love to check it out!
    Thank you once again :)


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