Monday, November 21, 2011

Update [17] 2011 Hair Challenge-What My Hair Likes

I'm super duper excited to report what my hair likes. It's been a struggle for 9mos. with transitioning in the begging of this hair journey, to the big chop, to this hair challenge and being on my P's & Q's. I'm finally being rewarded with quit a few things. One being that my hair is actually working WITH me not AGAINST me!

I want to try to make this short as possible but specific as I can for me to be able to reflect back on later. As far as the different products/items I've noticed my hair loves are the following:

-Water is number 1

-grapeseed oil
-Coconut oil

Herbal Essence- Hello Hydration, the Strengthening one
Shea Moisture 
VO5 Milk Moisture- for detangling 
Creme of Nature Shampoo-Conditioner

Mixed Silk leave in conditioner

-Mixed Silk leave in conditioner

Aussie leave in conditioner
APHogee: balancing moisturizer & leave in conditioner

Deep condtioning with:
ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar rinse (every 2 weeks)

We should really pay attention to what our hair likes the most, and not what's popular or what so-&-so is using. What does YOUR hair like/love?


  1. i want to add more oils to my reggie i only have tea tree, olive oil, castor oil & carrot oil. I think im going to replace one of the oils you use with carrot oil & just use carrot oil for hot oil treatment. thanks girl

  2. Where do you get your tea tree oil from? I saw some at WalMart but it was in a small bottle. I like carrot oil for hot oil treatments :)
    I just bought some jojoba oil for hot oil treatments.
    But yea mix different oils when oiling the scalp & sealing in the moisture is great!


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