Thursday, November 17, 2011


I'm super irritated right now. I don't even know what to say. I tend to feel a certain type of way when I do something & the outcome doesn't turn out the way that I hope it would...But when someone else does it "Oh" it's official....people flock. I guess I shall evaluate what it is that's wrong on my end. Do a trial & error.

It just gets annoying when you give, or produce something & it doesn't shine or your expectations fail. I'm continuously going out of my way to help others, taking on projects, giving advice etc. Maybe I need to slow down, think & take care of ASHLEY.

As easy as that was to SAY...or better yet type, that's not in MY nature. I am an Aquarius, i love helping others. But whatever...I'm over it. People can look over me, exclude me, but no matter what I'm going to shine with or without anyone's help. God has my back & I could careless about the rest.

I'm tired, I'm tired!!!!


  1. Girllllll try not to stress yourself so much! Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes in evaluating situations, we have to look at ourselves and not the "perceived" outcome others may have. We can never compare ourselves to others as we are all special in our own way. Just hang in there, girlie, and always be inspired! Remember, what God has for you, it is for you!

  2. Thank you for the kind words Dre

  3. WOW! It's crazy that you said this. Ashley, I JUST was explaining this to Soraya saying that I hate when I feel this way! One thing that you should do is discuss what you want to do with someone you love or trust and ask them for their opinions on how to go about the situation. When you execute, execute with your all and still stay humble. If someone else is credited for it, still congratulate them and make sure that they are able to see what you have done too. I'm always willing to help to, with advice and opinions and stuff, but I'm in the same boat too. No one likes to feel less valued and I truly get where you're at. Just give your all and know that you gave all that you could.


  4. you know its crazy, because I be feeling the same way, not quite sure if its cause we are Aquarius or not, but I feel you 100%, but what I have become comfortable with is, I know I'm I'm a trendsetter or not, and if I am I know what I started and secondly its just in my nature to be giving no matter how much I try and say I'm tired and will no longer do it, its so deeply rooted in me that, that won't be the case. So I just do or give and whether its appreciated or not I know how I feel at the end of the day and that will be something that person or person(s) have to take up with God.

  5. awww hope you feel better certain things/people ain worth getting stressed over x

  6. -That's what I was trying to say "No one likes to feel less valued" & that is how I feel from time to time about different situations. Thanks Kim :)

    -Amen Rell...thank you my fellow Aquarius. I will continue to do & be ME. The only way I know how.

    -Right, thanks Lolita :)

  7. You speak the truth @ Maybe I need to slow down, think & take care of ASHLEY.

    Follow your first mind, I always say. If that doesn't produce desired results...turn around and follow your first mind, again.


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