Sunday, January 6, 2013

Joyce Meyer: Giving Must Cost You Something...

I believe that in God's economy, nothing cheap is worth having. God gave His only Son to free us, & while we can never equal that sacrifice, we must give back to Him in a way that means something. King David said he would not give God something that cost him nothing. And I have learned that true giving is not giving until I can feel it.

Giving away the clothes & household items I'm finished with may be a nice gesture, but it doesn't equal real giving. Real giving occurs when I give somebody something I want to keep.

I'm sure you've had those testing times when God asks you to give away something you like. But when you consider how He gave His only son for us because of His love for us, doesn't that make you want to give yourself too?

The simple truth is this: We must give to be happy, & giving is not true giving if doesn't cost us something.

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  1. Good post!! This is a very vaild point you made! It is always good to give but giving away something you want is even better!

  2. Yup! I've been putting this into play. It feels great!


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