Tuesday, December 27, 2011

No Settling In 2012!!!!

I don't know what it is...I mean I do.
I'm an Aquarius, I'm too kind & extremely sweet!
I give chances, but NOT chances after CHANCES.

When I love...yes as cliche as it may sound...I love HARD
Love in a relationship didn't tap me on the shoulder until I was 21...a great age if I say so myself.
Late bloomer? Yeah maybe so...
Unlike most...I date or get into relationships with a guy that I see a potential future with.
Are we always right? Nope!
But I'm not that girl that dates because it's convenient, because I'm lonely, or because I want someone to cater to me. No!

I do love feeling appreciated.

I'm tired of giving something so precious.
My feelings, which comes from the heart.
I feel like round 2 of what was love is on its way once it hits 2012
I refuse to go for a 3rd round.

9/10 when you believe you deserve more, you're right!
It's your conscious or that "little person" speaking to you.
I listen to it majority of the time, but I'm not perfect.
So, if you know you deserve much more than what you're getting now...
That's when change needs start happening.
Nothing can CHANGE without work=action
So yes...as I start to reflect on 2011 & it comes to an end, I'm putting my foot down & taking action NOW. Not later...

Later is when you think or hope things will get better. 
My theory is if it didn't happen or occur the first time around, it wasn't meant to be. Forcing something that isn't there is like trying to fit a circle puzzle piece into a square.
You CAN'T!

Woo0o0o0o-sah ::rubs ears::
[photo from: Rah xephon]


  1. I feel you! and acknowledgement is the first step. Love is amazing but its more amazing when you love yourself first!!!


  2. i love this..why settle when you can have your hearts desires...happy new year!

  3. I agree, thank you for commenting.


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